Strangers' Silence


Written by Ky Baldwin

Verse 1

There's been hard times 

there's been pain

there's been heartbreak

there's been shame

questions that you're  too scared to face

you're at home

but you're all alone

Verse 2

You've been outcast,  

you've been blamed

fingers pointed

cause you're not the same
you've fought the fight

but it's been in vein

but together we 

can make this end



can you feel it in the air

strangers silence disappears

the time has come to bring this to its knees

we will stand by you



Oh oh oh oh oh

we weren't there in your darkest hour

waited till the eleventh hour

now we're 

Shoulder to Shoulder

But we're here now

put our arms around each other


Hold on to one another


together we are the power

together we're so much louder


Verse 3

She's been patient

She's been strong

walked the shadows

for far too long

she's stepping up

to where she belongs

the tables turn

let it burn



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© 2020 By Ky Baldwin : : Musician

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